2015 is not off to a good start: the events in Fance to start out with….and now the outcome of the elections in Greece.

Not that I wouldn’t like election – the greatest privilage of democrcy (…btw, thx Greece for that – sincerely !).

But the outcome also shows that, under extrem circumstances, democracy is vulnerable thru its (Warning! Another „greecisms“ ahead !) Achilles heel called populsim.

Mr. Tsipras sets  new records in terms of wreaking maximum  havoc in minimum time on established community consensus.

Instead of getting mad at so much irresponsibility, I have decided to just lean back and enjoy the show. My educated guess for the next claims he’ll make:

  • restitute Asia Minor to Greece
  • restitute Naples, Syracus and Marseille … or have Italy and France compensate the annexion of these cities with a debt cut worth a couple of billions.

Because claim 1 will obviously bring Mr. Tsipras up against Turkey, he’ll be not shy to demand the intervention of NATO to back the claim militarily. He will see the fact that also Turkey is a NATO member state only as a minor obstacle to his claim. At the same time he will declare that Greece will not be bound herself by the NATO-treaty anymore. This, of course, to the end of soothing his new BFF Putin. Who will be a little cross because Mr. Erdogan from Turkey, with his slight despotish inclinations, is HIS new BFF in the Near East.

….fun ahead – I think I’ll enjoy the show !


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