I try usually to keep my temper with new hardware and stay positiv.

But this one goes beyond my capacity of early-adopter suffering:

Dell, hear my words: you blew it…. and you blew it big time !

I shut up for almost six months that I am trying to use this hellish piece of hardware officially called „Venue 11 Pro 5000 Series Tablet“ (….mark my words: „trying“, hardly ever being able to actually use it at all).

It’s not a solution for mobile working – it’s a helter-skelter collection of faulty and buggy hardware components, one stacked carelessly upon the other.

What I was looking for was a truly mobile working environment including handwritting input for note taking….not that difficult, it should seem. Just take your average Win8 tablet, add a bit of processing horse power (Intel i instead of Atom), digitizer with stylus and a docking station.

Dell engineers must have had a sort of „fuck-up-contest“ during the weeks when the device was designed. And, boy, did all those teams want to win !

The funny part: in the end, I would be able to use the system as a much too small standard PC. Just leave out the stylus an the docking system…. all the features that made me get the device in the first place.

Handwriting input is a nightmare with the Synaptic-based stylus. I tried a Surface 3 digitizer in the meantime….. and the Dell stylus comes nowhere near.

The most annoying part, though, is the docking station. Just mirroring your device to another screen only works in arbitrary on/off-mode: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. No apparent changes / modifications to the system parameters, of course !

It’s not like the docking station would incorporate some rocket science components…. it’s just standard USB and HDMI output. How a company like Dell can bring to market such a bug-ridden device remains a complete mystery to me. Anyways: anyone who suspects I’m just trolling is invited to consult the the corresponding thread on Dell’s very own support forum.

And this is only part of my obvious dissatisfaction: I can easily add to these bugs other flaws that I would not blame uniquely on Dell like e.g. the fact that I need to restart the device 2-3 times on the company network to finally get the Windows User Profile to a state that lets me access anything; never found a configuration possibility to make sure the device stays with this configuration. Instead, it constantly resets itself to the security level that makes the company network scream out in agony.

Anyways: after six months, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut any longer. May this post serve an individual contemplating to purchase this device….. no, don’t do it ! Hands off !

This is a piece of hardware from hell. Which, incidently, rhymes with Dell….

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