For several reasons that would take too long to explain, I had the lucky chance to become a sort of „Sony Consumer Posterchild“ recently, adding an Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet plus a Sony Smartwatch 3 plus a „SmartBand“ to my gadget collection.

The Z3 Tablet is worth a blog entry in its own right – which will follow later. But there are two hard lessons I had to learn on wearables which are worth sharing immediately:

  1. Smart“ wearables don’t work like accessories in World of Warcraft: if you put on an „Undented Jade Ring of Power“ in WoW, you get more strength. Do the same with a „Whatever Widget of Endurance“…. and you add points to perseverance. But simply putting on a „Smartwatch“ does not give you the feeling to improve on your level of intelligence immediately. I wonder if Sony and there likes could be sued for misleading marketing on this…..
  2. Oh, so true, the famous financial controller saying of „What you measure is what you get!“: I did a first test of the wearables over the Holidays. And it’s not just that I felt I didn’t get any smarter…. it’s more like I got more of anything I tracked:
    • Tracked my sleep: slept longer hours
    • Tracked my activity: stayed approximately the same
    • Tracked calories intake: definetely improved on that point
    • Tracked weight….. you guess what happened.

So let this be a warning to anyone contemplating getting searious on „smart wearables“ in the coming year (…and the comming year will be full of social pressure, given the market launch of the Apple Watch !): the devices don’t make you smart….. and you might get more than you asked for !

Don’t come crying to me later, pretending I didn’t warn you….


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