Quite interesting book I just got my hands on:

The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch.

Luckily,  I got it in the paperback version and in German.

It’s basically an interesting thought experiment cum manual: what if 99% of the human population of this planet was suddenly wiped out and our civilization needed a „reboot“ ?

What would be the knowledge and know-how that matters most ?

This simple scenario sheds an interesting light on how little we know about the things we actually depend so much upon – and how thin the civilisatory ice is on which we walk.

Now what I would REALLY like to know: the ration of paperback sales vs. ebook sales of this title. If the ratio is less than 9 paperbacks to 1 ebook, Lewis Dartnell, the author of the book, must seriously work on getting his message across. And the message to all those who buy the ebook-version: must feel kind of stupid to have survived the Zombie Apocalypse, knowing you have all you need to know to restart human civilizuation….. on an ebook reader that you cannot access because there is no electricity  🙂

One aspect that the book covers very little: the social side of rebooting the world. The book concentrates very much on technology – which underestimates IMHO quite a lot the importance of human interaction and social rules codfying human self-organization. But then again: the author is very aware of his technical focus and never pretends to cover all aspects of his thought experiment exhaustively.

I haven’t finished the book yet…. but I can already say that it’s worth the time. And if you should get a copy, make it a paperback one !



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