Could somebody please explain to me how hardware product managers are rewarded / incentified in all the major notebook producing companies (HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer etc etc.) ?

I am really interested to try out Windows 8 on a touch device (yes, ME, the Apple fanboy of old days !).

OK, Windows 8 RT is an insult to common sense. So only „real“ Windows 8 will do. From my perspective, the main choice to make is on the processor level, between powerless Atom and i3/5/7 devices.

There seem to be decent tablets out there – but all with Atom processors.

Personally, I’m still a fan of the „old“ notebook form factor (13′ screen plus keyboard) – but with the option to convert (with whatever mechanism those Asian engineering geniuses have come up with) the device to a touch-operated tablet form factor. Advantage here: configurations mostly sport real Intel i3, i5 or even i7 processors.

BUT: I really couldn’t believe what I ended up with when trying to find such a device – none of them are equipped with a 3G (let alone LTE) modem !

How on earth can you launch a device that breathes mobility with only wifi on board ? How much hardware, electricity supplies etc. can one carry ? In order to be online on the go, it would always require me to carry an additional stand-alone 3G-modem – which is totally impractible.

But from what I saw, the situation is currently really like this:
You want a tablet with 3G-modem: you’ll have to do with Atom.
You want more power ? Well, then you’ll have to sacrifice on the ability to be online on the move.

Which really raises the question: do the responsible marketing managers ever think about what users actually do with their devices ???? Putting a 3G-modem in a powerfull, highly mobile device is neither expensive nor does it require an excess of intelligence to come up with this idea. As a matter of fact, it’s such a no-brainer that my daughter wouldn’t forget that on a spec list if I asked her to draw one up for tablet / convertible.

Anyways: any hint if I overlooked a (decently priced) device is welcome – or if any such device has been announced.

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